Semester 1 Blog Reflection

Coming into AP Biology, I was not quite sure what to expect. From past AP bio students, I have always heard that the blog aspect of the class was an important facet to the curriculum.  Knowing this, I was very tentative because I am not exactly what you would call “tech-savvy.” But with some help from Mrs.Girard and the fellow AP Bio Team, I was quickly brought up to speed and my site was up and running.

I learned a lot about my style of learning through blogging. Writing about classroom activities forced to me to make important connections in order to find content to write about.

Blogging not only allowed me to view my own work, but to share work with others. My grandpa for example, lives in the Philippines and him checking up on my blog is a way for him to be connected to me and allow him to get insight on my school work. Blogging also allows me to get feedback on my work. Not only my teacher is able to comment, but my blog is free for conversation with anyone. Peers are also able to interact with one another by following other blogs and commenting on other posts.

One of the most helpful aspects of the blog are the frequent roundups. Every week or so, the students switch off to post on the class website, The roundups consist of information that was covered during that period of time, including labs, lectures, and activities. The roundups are helpful for reviewing and helping determine what information is most important.

I am very eager and excited for second semester and cannot wait to see what is yet to come!


One thought on “Semester 1 Blog Reflection

  1. Alexa, Your site is really developing. You are finding your voice and I can hear you speaking as I read your reflections. I value how you continue to stay focused and you face each new challenge with the determination to succeed! Keep it up!


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