Find a Way – Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad’s mantra, “Find a way” was lived through her epic journey when she swam from Cuba to Florida. At age 60, Nyad was able to accomplish her goal through persistent training and by maintaing a positive, focussed attitude. She talked about many of her obstacles, one being how she had to swim in the pitch darkness of night because light would attract jellyfish! I was amazed by her constant perseverance and concentration, because even one of my fears (the dark) did not even faze her.

Her outstanding story has inspired me to remain fixated on my own goals. One of my biggest desires is to travel internationally and manage health clinics in third world countries. To accomplish this, I must have a stable job to fund my trips as well as organize a team of doctors to travel alongside me. I am not quite sure if I want to be a doctor on the team or have more of an organizing role, but I am very sure that I want to be apart of a benevolent project with a goal of improving health of the in need population.

Traveling to developing nations has always been a passion of mine; I have already travelled to the TayTay Rizal in Muntinlupa, Philippines to do mission work at a school that my church founded. In that moment, I decided that philanthropic work would be a large part of my life. However, many factors are involved with humanitarian work such as monetary expenses, life experiences, and organization. I may have many years before I am able to live out my life dream, but I must focus now in order to prepare for my future. My goal may  not be a specific journey like Nyad’s, but it is important to have direction or aim in life.

Although my own dreams and aspirations are more of a continuous life goal rather than an athletic accomplishment, many of Diana Nyad’s words resonate with me deeply. In the Ted Talk, she quoted Socrates, “To be is to do.” This quote stood out to me because she talked about how she tells people, “Never, ever give up,” but that quote cannot be fulfilled if the “do” mentioned from the first quote is not done. One must not only talk about life intent, but must actually accomplish intentions set. Also, anything is possible if you “find a way” to reach your goal.


4 thoughts on “Find a Way – Diana Nyad

  1. Micah

    Those are amazing dreams. I hope that you constantly pursue them and you never give up. The experience in Mutinlupa was amazing and I know it feels to good to help others.


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  3. Alexa, Excellent choice to include the image of Diana’s attempted swims! I found that information very interesting. The twists and turns of each swim demonstrate what happens in life. You might swim the completely wrong direction. Maybe you start veering off and find a way to get back on track. Maybe you are headed in the right direction, but your attempt is cut short. Finally, a straight shot and success. Sometimes success comes on the first try or maybe it takes 5, 10, 20 or more. Never giving up is the key to success. Understanding and learning as we follow our journey is the real success. You have shown determination and focus as you keep moving forward on your path, your journey, and without a doubt, you will meet great challenges and accomplish great success! I look forward to hearing about the positive impacts you will make along the way 🙂


  4. Hi Alexa! I loved your reflection on Nyad’s talk, as it seemed super personal to your dreams and goals for your future. The fact that you want to do philanthropic work and keep it consistent in your life is super inspiring. Also, the picture was a great visual aid to when you spoke about Nyad’s accomplishment. One grow would be to double check for grammar, spelling, and sentence flow errors, as I did find a few. Great job overall!!

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