AP Biology Exam Reflection

It is so crazy to think that we already finished taking the AP Biology exam! The exam felt like it snuck up on us…all of a sudden it was the month of May (I guess time does truly fly when you are having fun). Although I was very nervous about the test, I felt like I was very prepared once I opened the pages of the test booklet. The test consisted of a multiple choice portion and was followed by 8 free response questions. I was able to pace myself throughout the multiple choice section and finish answering each question. Pacing myself for the free response questions was very difficult for me because I spent too much time answering the first two long response questions. Unfortunately, I left one question blank and one question unfinished. Luckily, I skimmed through the shorter questions and noticed that the last two prompts were about material I was very confident on, so I quickly answered those first. My hand was very tired by the end of the test LOL, but the three hours honestly flew by and the test felt like it ended so quickly!  

Of course I am disappointed that I did not finish the short answer portion, but I am still proud of myself for everything I have accomplished this year. Each lab, project, class presentation, blog post and homework assignment all greatly contributed to not only my understanding of biology content, but improved my work ethic, time management, focus, and helped me become an overall better student and learner. Of all the classes I have taken at Notre Dame, AP Biology required the most effort and time, however it was most definitely worth it. The AP Biology exam was hard, but I felt proud seeing all of the knowledge I have gathered over the past year as I filled out my answers.

Placing the seal to shut the AP exam booklet might just be the most relieving feeling I have ever experienced. I must remember that there is nothing I can do to affect my score at this point, and that all I can do is wait to receive my scores. Until then, I need relax and enjoy my last few days as a high school biology student. If anything, biology taught me that it is possible to learn something new each day, and that learning is truly a gift. Even over summer vacation, I hope to learn something new each and every day!



2 thoughts on “AP Biology Exam Reflection

  1. I know it is such a relief to finish the exam. It is just one day, one assessment of only a fraction of what you have learned this year. I am so proud of you and that you never gave up!


  2. Micah

    I’m glad you are finally finished with your AP bio exam. It must feel amazing to finally move on to your new chapter in life as you transition to college life. Good luck at Cal Poly!


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