Strawberry DNA Extraction

An ATTEMPT at extracting DNA from a strawberry.

This experiment was very fun! Although the end result was not what I was hoping for, I still found the process of DNA extraction very interesting. Science is absolutely unpredictable, so while studying science, one must be prepared for any and all errors. The DNA was expected to be tightly coiled when the Isopropyl alcohol was added, but when I tried to pick up the DNA strand, nothing was found. Possible human error could have occurred when I was measuring the liquids. Other error could have occurred in the straining process. From talking to other classmates, many suggested that I do the same procedure but use a cheesecloth instead of a strainer. The cheesecloth could have been more successful by allowing more DNA strands to seep through, while keeping out unwanted material.

I plan to revisit this investigation, keeping all of the possible errors in mind. Stay tuned to see if the next attempt has a different outcome!


3 thoughts on “Strawberry DNA Extraction

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