A Glimpse into a Possible Future

In class, we explored a game called “Face of the Future: A game about the Future of Empathy.” The game offers a scenario that occurs 10 years from now, allowing people from all over the world to interact and share their opinions and ideas on the scenario. People can post cards under “positive imagination” or “shadow information” where they display their perspective of the possible future, or can respond to the cards posted by others. I found the feature of being able to interact with people globally, very exciting because it was interesting to see the similarities and differences from minds of different cultures

To begin, we watched a video of different people using a social network called “FeelThat.” The “FeelThat” Network includes a device that a person would wear, allowing to them to send or receive emotions to and from other users who are also wearing this device. Through this device, one can sense another person’s feeling no matter where they are in the world. The device works by using advanced biological and neurological sensors, and relay messages to the other user. The “FeelThat” measures heart rate, blood pressure, amount of sweat on skin, and hormone levels. Similarly, the FitBit has already been invented, measures your biological functions, like heart rate and other factors similar to those used by the “FeelThat” Network. Devices like the FitBit make the possibility of sharing emotions through sensors, all the more real.  

Concerns I would have if this device was actually created, would be the effect on privacy. Contemporarily, keeping your life private is very difficult with all the social media that has been created. Thoughts and emotions are one thing that we can keep personal, just by simply not talking or mentioning about them. The “FeelThat” Network could potentially affect every aspect of privacy. Even though the network includes privacy settings, it is still possible that someone could hack the system and expose the user’s private emotions.  

Overall, I thought that playing the game was a positive experience and enjoyed interacting with different people. The concept for the device was very fascinating, but alarming to think that the particular invention could be made possible. I think that it was amazing how much this game connected to biology with the neurological sensors transmitting messages. Although this game relates to biology, one of the most relevant lessons I will take from this game, is being innovative during present times because we build the future. Another lesson that this game entails is that everything has consequences and to be careful about what you publicize because privacy is a gift.


2 thoughts on “A Glimpse into a Possible Future

  1. Micah

    It is funny to think that with technology today we are able to better meter the amount emotions. Does this highlight that possibly we have become emotionless cyborgs that lack empathy? Before , when our parents met each other, they did not need devices to measure the amount of love they have for each other. I feel that these devices are taking away from the human experience. Just because my fibit said I did not like you does not mean we shouldn’t kick it. However, it is good that we are able learn from these devices and measure the chemical reaction related to our emotions. Privacy of the user is at their discretion, and if they don’t want to share anything, they don’t need to wear it.


  2. Kat Sanchez

    I think you raised a good point about privacy being an issue because it would expose emotions on a different level than social media already does. What do you think the benefits would be though?


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